‘Wirefree’ Rooflights: Our Latest Advancements


The latest tweak to our KuroLok RL systems means you can achieve a completely ‘wirefree’ finish for your rooflight blind. 

Our KuroLok RL system is a rooflight blind with zipped-edge fabric retention technology, combined with powerful constant-tension spring (CTS) units. This system has many benefits, including full blackout capability, as well as the ability to operate at any angle from vertical to horizontal.

However, one of the drawbacks for some of our customers have been the tension wires. They used to sit 20mm in from the edge of the 35mm wide side channel. This was due to our old hembar attachment, which whilst it was reliable and sturdy, was arguably less then sleek.

Well, that’s all about to change!

close up of hembar attachment for wirefree finish

We’re introducing a new hembar attachment which means the tension wires now sit an amazing 4mm in from the edge of the side channel – that’s only 39mm in from the outside edge of the blind!

When used with our 75mm L-angle fixing profile this means you can achieve a completely ‘wirefree’ finish for your rooflight.

This improves the overall appearance of the system, making it look a lot sleeker and more discreet. When it comes to the high-end residential market, we think this will be a real benefit.

Wait… there’s more!

We are also introducing a new size of our L-angle fixing profile – 115mm x 50mm x 3mm. This will replace our 100mm angle that we previously used for the headbox end of our rooflights. This change comes after customer feedback suggested we have bigger angle to fully hide the headboxes. 

The wider angle also means that you can set the hem bar slightly back from the far end box which would keep the fabric under tension when closed. This is opposed to previously when the hem bar would be closed tight to the box to achieve a full blackout and lose some tension in the springs. 

100mm shelf

Existing 100mm angle – covers the KuroLok 100 headbox but not the hem bar coming from the opposite headbox.

New 115mm angle – covers the KuroLok 100 headbox whilst also allowing some coverage of the hem bar. It can be set slightly back from the headbox to keep tension in the fabric, whilst still blocking light gaps.