The Launch of Our New Luxury Hem Bars for Roller Blinds!


The New Year might just have begun, but here at Umbra we’re already launching new and exciting products!

At the end of 2019 we launched our PK-Z hem bar – a fabric wrapped bar for our rooflight systems. This hem bar had been highly requested in recent months so we were thrilled when it finally launched. Check out the details on this hem bar here.

As the demand for more luxury finishes for our roller blind systems grows, we know we have to offer something new.

This is why we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new range of hem bars – Luxury 31 & Luxury 39.

These hem bars are a clean, slim rectangular shape that offer a sleek and modern finish for any roller blind. They’re also available in more colours as standard than any of our other hem bars.

luxury slim rectangular hem bar in various colour ways

Luxury 31 is 31mm tall as the name suggests, and is only 8.5mm deep. This means it is perfect for when there is less space, such as fixing a blind into a blind box like Blindspace. It also offers a slimmer and less intrusive hem bar than we could previously offer.

Luxury 31 is available in white, black and silver as standard.

Luxury 39 is like the big brother of the Luxury 31 hem bar. It looks visually the same, but this hem bar is 39mm tall and slightly deeper at 12.5mm. This luxury hem bar is ideal when a slightly bigger hem bar is needed, for example when a large blind needs a more proportionate bottom bar.

Luxury 39 is available in a bigger colour range as standard. We can offer it in white, black and silver like the Luxury 31 hem bar. However, Luxury 39 in available in a brushed silver, a matte silver and a shiny silver finish too.

luxury 39 hem bar in brushed bronze

It is also available in a brushed bronze finish, which is the first bronze hem bar that we have ever offered. We think this has a very modern look, and offers more options for matching fabric colours. For example it matches perfectly with our Spectrum 5010 Bronze colourway.

For more info on these hem bars or for samples, please get in touch with a member of our sales team at sales@umbrashading.co.uk or contact us via our contact form on the site.