Electric blinds & Curtains.  Do you know your ‘Motorisation’ from your ‘Automation’?

And what about ‘Integration’?

We are experts in combining technology with design.

At Umbra, we’re here to guide you through the maze and help you achieve exactly the result you’re looking for.  We’re completely independent.  This means that we are not tied to any particular brand or solution.  The benefit of this?  You get the optimum outcome for your project.  Every time.




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Motorised electric blinds still require a manual input to actuate your shading products.  You have to physically press something.  Automation takes this to the next level, by automating the inputs – scenes for example.

The possibilities are endless.  From simple timer functions and custom scenes, through to full environmental sensing and artificial intelligence.  Truly ‘smart’ window blinds.  Controls can be hardwired, or wireless via radio or infra-red signal.  Voice and smartphone app control can also be integrated.

Convenience.  Control.  Security.  Energy efficiency.  Aesthetic improvement.  Daylight optimisation.  Improved views out.  Reduced maintenance.  Increased occupant satisfaction and wellbeing.

Which Blinds Can Be Motorised?

Most of our roller blinds can be motorised with an electric tubular motor.  With most systems there are options on battery, 24v and 240v powered drives.

Roller Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Roof Blinds

We have experience in domestic and commercial automation.  Regardless of whether you want to control your electric blinds from a handset, your phone or through a building management system, we know we can help you.

If you only know you want sun tracking and all the electric blinds to open if the fire alarm goes, that’s fine – leave the rest to us.  If you want your blinds to close and the lights to come on we can do that too.

Get in touch to give us a challenge.