Curtain Tracks



Motorised Curtain Track


Beautiful curtains deserve a track that keeps them looking their best, whilst providing elegance, convenience, and a touch of luxury. Flow™ motorised curtain tracks provide all of this and more.

System Detail

Flow™ motorised curtain tracks comprise extruded aluminium track, high-quality drive belt and superior roller runners. The result is a robust track which can carry even heavy curtains effortlessly and quietly.

Flow™ is available straight, curved or with angle bends. It can be configured to draw one way or split from the centre. Standard or ripple curtain heading options are offered. Motors are available with mains or battery power. They can be controlled via hardwired or dry contact switching, or radio remote control. An RS485 digital module gives further control integration options.

Uses & Applications

Light and mood. Ambience and atmosphere. Curtains can transform a room. Flow™ motorised curtain tracks provide everything you need to automate your curtains, giving added convenience, security, and sophistication.

Save your curtains from being pulled by hand, schedule curtains to open and close at times you choose, control curtains remotely, link into home automation systems. There are many good reasons to choose Flow™ motorised curtain tracks.

Sleek and discreet, Flow™ operates very quietly and totally safely. Curtains can be pulled by hand without damaging the motor, and the special ‘pull-to-start’ feature allows the motor to take over if you start pulling the curtains manually.