PK-Z – The New Fabric Hem Bar For KuroLok RL Blinds


Here at Umbra we are always on the lookout for opportunities in the blind market. Recently, the demand for the most discreet rooflight blind system possible has been hard for us to ignore.

When it comes to residential properties it’s important that the blind system you offer your client looks as good as it performs. This often means it has to be sleek, discreet and modern.

We have the solution…

We are now able to offer a fabric wrapped hem bar on our KuroLok RL systems: introducing PK-Z! This is a take on our PK-S hem bar, except here the fabric is wrapped around our sturdy Type Z hem bar.

This provides a modern and clean finish on the rooflight system, and is very discreet.

pk-z fabric wrapped hem bar

The PK-Z bottom bar has to be used with our L-angle fixing profiles (or ‘shelf’) in order to still achieve full blackout capability. However, the L-angle gives you the ability to hide the side channels and tension wires, which leaves the opening completely clear when the blind is retracted.

birds eye view fabric wrapped hem bar on kurolok rl system with angle

In combination with our new attachment for tension wires and L-angle profiles, this is one of the sleekest rooflight systems available. (P.S. read all about the new tension wire attachment here!)

Our KuroLok RL systems can be used with blind box profiles from Blindspace. The aluminium profiles of the blind are concealed within the blind boxes. This means that all that will be seen is fabric coming out of the recess and retracting back into it. Ideal for achieving a really sleek and minimal look!

PK-Z bottom bars are available on any fabric that would normally be suitable for our rooflight systems. The only requirement is that we are able to properly weld it. The fabric is welded to its own backing around the aluminium hem bar. If that weld won’t hold then we can’t use that fabric.

Some of our favourites are this one from Solaye and this one from Mermet!

To find out if a fabric is suitable just get in touch with a member of our sales team. They have knowledge of many fabrics and will be able to advise: sales@umbrashading.co.uk.