Our Fabric Partners


Did you know that here at Umbra we don’t just use our own contract fabric range on our blinds? We have an extensive range of fabric partners.

‘What does that mean for me?’ you might ask. Well, it means that no matter what your fabric needs, specifications, budget etc are, we can offer you a solution that is completely unbiased.

Our years in the industry mean that we can source fabrics from a multitude of suppliers. For you, this means we can offer a tailored and appropriate solution for any application with no bias, and no hidden agenda.

Regardless of what your needs are, we’re sure we can find you the ideal fabric for you and your client. One that looks and performs exactly how you want it to, and fits your budget.

Perhaps you’re providing a few motorised blinds for a high-end residence and the owner wants a complete blackout solution, we could recommend a premium option such as Kibo 8500 from Mermet.

On the flip side, if you required a blackout solution for 1000 blinds at a University hall of residence where the budget is tighter, we could recommend something like Unishade from Decora as an effective but affordable option.

Even if you have specific requirements, such as a high acoustic rating or marine grade durability, we’re sure we can find a solution for you thanks to our extensive range of partners.

fabric partners example pic

For our full list of fabric partners check out our ‘Fabric Partners’ page here.

Or if you have specific requirements get in touch with a member of our sales team at sales@umbrashading.co.uk who will be able to help.