Our Knowledge

Our Knowledge

Performance Fabrics

Getting the optimum shading solution is a combination of the correct hardware and control technology with the right fabric.  Neither element will work on their own; it is the two working together that brings the desired results.  Our knowledge and experience allow us to bring together the ideal fabric with our high-performance blind systems so that you get the best possible outcome.

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Challenging Applications

Combining our experience with our Constant Tension Spring (CTS) technology and our fabric zip technology allows us to apply shading at any angle from vertical to horizontal.  Blinds can draw downwards, upwards or sideways, and can be made to suit angled or shaped glazing.  This permits us to design shading solutions for skylights, orangeries, atria, gable end windows, etc.

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Shading Large Windows

As glass technology enables larger and larger spans of glazing, shading systems need to evolve to keep up. Our expertise in shading very large areas enables us to produce blinds up to a massive 24m2 in a single unit.  Many of our blind systems can also be coupled together to work as one from a single drive, improving aesthetics and saving costs when shading large areas.

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Motorisation & Automation

From the simple to the highly complex, from stand-alone to fully integrated, we have years of experience in motorising and automating roller blind systems.  Our wide knowledge and network allows us to draw from many different manufacturers and options so that you get the optimum solution for your requirements.  We can provide as much support as required, from specification right through to commissioning.

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Bespoke Solutions

Our years of experience in designing tailor-made shading solutions for a variety of applications is at your disposal.  The specific requirements of shading airport control towers, providing privacy for swimming pools, built-in blackout blinds in a super-yacht, bespoke shade control software and many more examples, show the variety of applications for which we have created solutions.

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Smart technology

Smart Home, Smart Buildings, the Internet of Things.  These exciting developments and fast-growing markets are revolutionising many industries.  Window blinds and automated shading are no exception.  Umbra continues to be at the cutting edge of these technologies.  We leverage our knowledge to ensure you can cut through the hype and truly benefit from the available technology.  Let us help you make sure you are designing your projects to be ready for the future.

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