BIGGER and BETTER than ever before


Did you know that we’ve increased the maximum dimensions on some of our most popular blind systems?

Read on to find out what’s new…

aston martin case study pic

Helios is designed for larger windows and stretches to a whopping 4m wide or 6m drop, covering up to 16m² in a single blind – even on manual chain operation.

Our Sirios system is a compact roller blind system that can still span up to 3m wide and 3m drop – and an area of up to 6m². Available with battery or wired motors, and with chain or crank handles for manual operation.

kurolok image

KuroLok is our zipped edge blackout blind that is now also available with a NEW 125mm headbox.  This means it can now go up to 6m drop whilst still spanning 4m wide.  This provides blackout or shading options for windows up to a staggering 24m2 with just one blind.

kurolok rl rooflight image

The impressive KuroLok RL is the rooflight version of KuroLok which also benefits from the addition of the 125mm headbox.  This can now go up to 4.1m drop in a single system.

Of course if you need to go even bigger still, there’s always our KuroLok Twin RL system which can go up to an impressive 6m drop.

You can now take advantage of these increased capacities to offer solutions that were previously out of reach.

For our full list of system capacities take a look at our Product Selector Guide here; or get in touch with our customer support staff at