Who we are

Umbra is more than just an ordinary shading company.

From the outset, we bring together a unique combination of capabilities, people and experience.  We are distinguished by our knowledge of all aspects of shading solutions, and our unique blend of design, manufacturing, installation, and project management expertise.


We always look for the ‘and’ to find an extra dimension in what we do and how we do it.  Wherever possible, we combine technology and aesthetics and think of simple solutions to complex challenges.

From inception to completion we are committed to superior standards that exceed clients’ expectations and turn their concepts into reality, always.

We make combinations work for you – design and technology, manufacturing and installation.

Working with our clients, we help them understand and commercialise their opportunities in the best possible way.


We are Enterprising & Energetic

We are solutions-focussed.  Our passion and creativity shine through everything we do.  We are always stretching the boundaries of what’s possible and looking for new ways to drive forward our industry, our business, and most importantly, our customers.

We are Simple & Smart

We believe the simplest solutions are often the best, but that doesn’t mean they are simplistic.  For us, ‘smart’ embodies elegant aesthetics combined with intelligent technology.  We simplify the complex to make working with us as easy and efficient as possible, without compromising the end results.

We are Positive & Pragmatic

We love to make a positive impact – for the people who use our products, for the environments we help to create, for the energy we help to save, and for our clients’ bottom line.  We think from our customers’ viewpoint and take a realistic and practical approach that offers real value-for-money.

Meet the team

Nigel Hill


I’m passionate about creating indoor environments that are better for people and for the planet.  Intelligent shading maximises daylight, manages glare, and minimises energy consumption.  My job is to set the strategic direction of Umbra, to ensure we constantly innovate our products and services to meet the needs of our customers and the market.  I enjoy keeping in touch with our key partners to ensure that Umbra continues to be part of their success.

Jon Doling


Part of my role involves managing the supply chain to ensure we can fulfil orders on time while maintaining inventory levels. I work with suppliers to support operations in delivering key objectives and meeting the customer requirements. I’m also responsible for accounts payable, cash flow management, debtor management and reconciliations.

Chad Pillar


I share the passion for assisting all our clients in making the right shading decisions.  At Umbra we give you unbiased advice based on a wealth of experience in sectors such as hospitality, residential, commercial and healthcare.  With an increase in technology and intelligent textiles there’s no end to the options available when designing a shading solution.

Harry Doling


My role is to understand what the customer needs in view of providing a solution that fulfils and exceeds their expectations.  This can be anything from sourcing the best looking fabric for a hotel to planning a digital automation control system for shading in a multi-storey office block.

Abigail Doling


I work closely with our clients to help them make the best shading decisions and maximise natural light with robust and reliable roller blinds.  My role includes responding to enquiries, producing quotations, processing orders and keeping in touch with customers via both phone and email.

Charley Taylor


My role is to ensure that every customer I deal with has an enjoyable and productive experience with Umbra.  My daily duties include responding to customer emails, processing orders and providing office support to our sales team whilst they’re on the road. I also mange our marketing material, both online and printed.

Claire Cocozza


I assist our customers daily with enquiries regarding their shading requirements.  My daily role is processing quotations and orders and helping our clients with general queries over the phone and via email. We are here to help take the stress out of shading and create an amazing work or home space that exceeds expectations.

Marshall Hill


My role is managing product design & development; ensuring that our products are constantly evolving and that we remain at the leading edge of roller blind technology & design.  I also work on developing bespoke solutions for our clients, designing blinds for anything from a luxury yacht to a high-rise office block.

Jon Cross


I oversee production scheduling, manufacturing and workshop staff training.  Quality management and technical site support are also key responsibilities.

Larne Hughes


It’s my responsibility to ensure products are despatched on time and in full.  I work with the rest of the team to keep the production flow moving and make sure blinds are packed on time.

Colin Barltrop


I’m responsible for making chain mechanisms and transporting hardware between the factory and the powder coating plant.

Daniel Rojek


I manage a fabric cutting table where material is trimmed to the correct size for every blind.

Gareth Williams


I work in the assembly department, building finished products and testing them.

Jim Brace


I assemble headboxes, mill profiles and drill side channels in the fabrication area.

Lukasz Badzio


I also work one of the fabric cutting tables, putting fabric on tube and mounting hembars at the bottom of the fabric.

Paul Mcdonald


I assemble finished blinds and wrap them ready for boxing.

Thomas Francis


I work in the assembly and fabric welding area where materials are joined and zips are bonded.