4 Benefits Of Using Blindspace® To Conceal Blinds


Umbra are proud suppliers of Blindspace®, the leading provider of solutions to conceal blinds. Their products are designed to conceal any type of blind, from standard rollers to skylight blinds. The Blindspace® box is popular in modern homes where large glass windows are common and a minimalist shading solution is sought after.

The Blindspace® boxes are fitted into the ceiling or wall at initial build stage and the blinds are fitted once the build is complete. The boxes completely conceal electric blinds as they simply retract into the aluminium box and all you see is the fabric lowering and rising. The boxes are designed so that the blinds can be accessed after install for easy maintenance.

blindspace profile installed in a ceiling pocket

Superior Blackout

Blindspace® can be used with cassetted systems as there are boxes designed for the side channels to be concealed in. The standard channel boxes are 50mm deep which is enough to conceal our KuroLok 35mm side channel. It can also conceal any pinpricks of light that could come through the welded zipped edge on the fabric for a superior blackout.

sliding doors with blackout blinds using blindspace®

Custom Fit

All Blindspace® boxes are cut to precisely house your roller blinds. This means that your blinds will fit perfectly within the box and the box itself will be barely noticeable once installed. This in itself provides a minimalist and clean look for your windows and doors.

Personalised finish

Just like our blind systems, the Blindspace® boxes can be specially powder coated to any RAL colour. This is a very stylish option for matching the box to wall colours or matching it to any visible blind hardware on show such as the hem bar. The system can match any colour scheme you may have in the room for a completely bespoke finish.

Countless Options

skylight with blind concealed using blindspace®

Blindspace® boxes can be fitted in multiple directions and can be used to conceal a variety of blind types. Skylight blinds prevent a room from heating up too quickly from the sunlight coming in. The hidden hardware means you still have a clear window for full visibility when required.

For more information about Blindspace® and how it can be used with Umbra systems, get in touch with a member of our sales team at sales@umbrashading.co.uk or call our office on 01792 562015.