Above & BeyondTM

Look above your head in many of today’s commercial buildings and you are likely to see glazing, at any angle between vertical and horizontal, but completely beyond your reach.  There’s also a good chance you will see a KUROLOKTM or HELIOS TM rooflight blind, installed by one of Umbra’s distributors.

High-level windows, rooflights, north lights, atria, etc. bring natural light flooding into buildings to reduce dependence on artificial lighting.  This not only brings significant energy and cost savings, but creates beautiful environments that lift wellbeing and enhance aesthetics.  However, ‘light’ can also mean ‘glare’ and ‘heat’.  This needs to be managed with a dynamic shading system to maintain a safe and pleasant environment, whatever the weather.

By definition, these rooflight blinds are required to operate at any angle between vertical and horizontal, often pulling from the bottom up, often covering large areas and almost always out of reach.  By definition these are blinds that go above & beyond in every sense!

Umbra has developed special rooflight blind solutions, perfect for shading or darkening as required.

KuroLok RL, KuroLok RL Twin System, Helios RL rooflight blinds

KUROLOKTM RL is our fully cassetted version, complete with double headbox and slim side channels.  The fabric is locked into the side channels along the entire length of the blind, resulting in better support for the fabric and allowing large areas to be shaded with a single blind.  When combined with a blackout fabric, KUROLOKTM RL will block out virtually all light for room darkening purposes.  But KUROLOKTM RL works equally well with sunscreen or dim-out fabrics to diffuse just the right amount of light and create the perfect environment.

KUROLOKTM RL TWIN SYSTEM brings all the benefits of KUROLOKTM RL to really big openings up to 6m long.  The fabric pulls from each end of the opening to meet in the middle.  This is the blind for large rooflights and orangeries.  It has the flexibility to control the two halves independently if desired, to create the optimum level of shading or room darkening.

Download the KUROLOKTM RL brochure below for more information and images of our best-selling rooflight blinds.

HELIOSTM RL consists of a fixing profile and fascia section at each end of the blind, but does not have side channels.  This is usually used with a sunscreen or translucent fabric for shading purposes. At the heart of our rooflight system are the specially made Constant Tension Spring (CTS) units.  Unlike the traditional spring roller, which increases and decreases its tension as it winds and unwinds, the superbly engineered CTS units maintain consistent powerful tension at every point of travel.

Download the HELIOSTM RL brochure below for more information and images of this system.

Both the KUROLOKTM RL and HELIOSTM RL variants can be operated by electric motor (recommended) or by manual crank handle (subject to size limitations).  KUROLOKTM RL TWIN SYSTEM can only be operated by motor.  Motorisation provides a multitude of control options, from hardwired switch, to radio remote control, group controls, automation via sun or heat sensors, or full integration with BMS software.

CLICK HERE to view our guide on standard motors for the KUROLOKTM RL and HELIOSTM RL rooflight blind system.


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