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KUROLOK™ builds on the success of the tried and trusted KURO™ blackout blind. An enlightened darkening system for easily and reliably alternating between the benefits of daylight and the need for shading.

Two things set KUROLOK™ apart amongst blackout blinds. Firstly, the edges of the fabric are securely gripped along their entire length within the side channel. Secondly, because the fabric edge is retained, the side channels can be ultra-slim.

In fact, at only 35mm, the slim side channels are at least 40% smaller than most blackout blind systems, meaning you get a very discreet appearance, and more daylight when the blinds are open.

And the advantages of KUROLOK™ are not limited to blackout blinds. Most sun-screening or shading fabrics can also be used and get the benefit of the fabric being locked into the side guides.

12 year warrantyThis feature comes into its own on horizontal or inclined applications, such rooflights and atria, helping to keep fabric taut and reduce sagging.  Ask us for details on KUROLOK™ RL, the tensioned zip edged rooflight system.

In the video below, we performed some pretty extreme tests; from swing heavy objects into the blind, kicking a football at it and even throwing a power drill into the fabric. Although we knew the KUROLOK™ was good, these experiments really made us realise how superior this blackout system is.

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Chain Control:
A neat nickel-plated metal chain smoothly moves the KUROLOK™ blind to where it needs to be allowing the user precise control over the exact position of the blind. All chain operated blinds are fitted with chain safety devices and meet child safety regulations unless it is specifically made known to us that the blind does not need to comply with the child safety standards.

Crank Control:
Our powerful crank operated gearbox allows you to raise or lower the KUROLOK™ blind by turning the handle. This handle can be permanently fixed to the blind to ensure ease of operation at any time or it can be detached. The detachable crank handle is particularly useful in situations such as classrooms when there is a need to limit access to the operation of the KUROLOK™ blind. The crank handle shafts are available in white or anodised as standard.

Motorised Operation:
Electric motors are an excellent way to control KUROLOK™ blackout blinds. Umbra can offer a huge range of control options from the most basic hardwired switch or radio remote control to intelligent motors that can be integrated with almost any home automation system or BMS (Building Management System). Umbra isn’t tied to any one motor supplier so we have access to a broad choice of options to meet your requirements.

CLICK HERE to view our guide on standard motors for the KUROLOK TM blackout blind system.

Fabric Options:
The KUROLOK™ fabric retention blind is available with a variety of fabrics. They don’t just have to be blackout! Screen fabrics are frequently used with the KuroLok system to achieve perfect fabric retention in the side channels but still allow the user to have a comfortable shaded view of outside.

The KUROLOK™ blackout roller blind system is perfect for many applications:
• Blackout for laboratories
• Blackout for science classrooms
• Blackout for home cinemas
• Blackout and shading for meeting rooms or presentation rooms
• Blackout for hospital operating theatres
• Shading for offices
• Blackout and shading for bedrooms

So, when you need a versatile and reliable daylight control system with numerous options and applications, get a grip with KUROLOK™.


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