Get a GripTM

KUROLOK™ builds on the success of the tried and trusted KURO™ blackout blind. An enlightened darkening system for easily and reliably alternating between the benefits of daylight and the need for shading.

Two things set KUROLOK™ apart amongst blackout blinds. Firstly, the edges of the fabric are securely gripped along their entire length within the side channel. Secondly, because the fabric edge is retained, the side channels can be ultra-slim.

In fact, at only 35mm, the slim side channels are at least 40% smaller than most blackout blind systems, meaning you get a very discreet appearance, and more daylight when the blinds are open.

And the advantages of KUROLOK™ are not limited to blackout blinds. Most sunscreening or shading fabrics can also be used and get the benefit of the fabric being locked into the side guides.

12 year warrantyThis feature comes into its own on horizontal or inclined applications, such rooflights and atria, helping to keep fabric taut and reduce sagging.  Ask us for details on KUROLOK™ RL, the tensioned zip edged rooflight system.

So, when you need a versatile and reliable daylight control system with numerous options and applications, get a grip with KUROLOK™.






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