Motorised blinds.  Do you know your ‘Motorisation’ from your ‘Automation’?

And what about ‘Integration’?


At Umbra, we’re here to guide you through the maze and help you achieve exactly the result you’re looking for.  We’re completely independent.  This means that we are not tied to any particular brand or solution.  The benefit of this?  You get the optimum outcome for your project.  Every time.


Motorised roller blind controlsMotorisation

Motorisation involves replacing a manual window blind drive (chain mechanism or gear) with an electric tubular motor.  For this to work, you’ll need two things: power and a means of control.

Power can be provided by mains, low voltage, rechargeable battery or solar panel.

Controls can be hardwired, or wireless via radio or infra-red signal, or a combination of both.  Voice control and/or smartphone app control can also be integrated.


Motorisation still requires a manual input to actuate your shading products.  Automation takes this to the next level, by automating the inputs.

The possibilities are endless.  From simple timer functions and pre-set scenes, through to full environmental sensing and artificial intelligence.  Truly ‘smart’ window blinds.


This is where you can really leverage the benefits of motorised and automated window blinds.

Imagine your heating, lighting and air conditioning all working in harmony with your shading.  And with the environmental conditions.  And with occupancy of spaces.  Creating the optimum conditions for people to live and work.  And making the most efficient use of energy.

Now stop imagining, because all of this is achievable right now.  Umbra’s shading solutions can be integrated with any control system, and are capable of bi-directional digital communication.

IoT blinds in a connected worldInternet of Things

The IoT and ‘smart buildings’ are popular buzz words today.  However, these technologies present a real opportunity to make our buildings more efficient and user-friendly than ever before.  At Umbra we understand where intelligent shading fits into this and how to turn this into practical benefits for your project.

What are the benefits?

Convenience.  Control.  Security.  Energy efficiency.  Aesthetic improvement.  Daylight optimisation.  Improved views out.  Reduced maintenance.  Increased occupant satisfaction and wellbeing.

Investment in motorised, automated or integrated ‘smart’ window shading pays back many times over and in many ways.

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Benefits of IoT in icons

Listed below are some of the brands we work with and protocols we can support.

We can automate and integrate your window blinds and shading with virtually any control system or protocol.  Lutron, Somfy, Vestamatic, Nice, Elero, Becker, SMI, KNX, RS485, DALI, Beckhoff, Distech, Control 4, Crestron.  And that’s just to name a few!


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BACnet webBecker webBeckhoff webBluetooth webControl4 150 narrowCrestron webDALI web

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Click the image below to view a handy motor comparison guide for our core range of motors:

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