About Us



embodies everything we aspire to be as a company. Our passion revolves around providing our clients with window shading and room darkening solutions that are BRIGHTER in every sense of the word.

  • Brighter innovative shading systems
  • Brighter intelligent control systems
  • Brighter use of resources
  • Brighter but managed natural illumination
  • Brighter future for sustainable building design.

We have been privileged to be involved in numerous successful projects across the UK and beyond. From basic to bespoke, from simple to scintillating; your project could be the next to benefit from our expertise.

Nigel Hill
Managing Director

We believe that the buildings in which we work and live can be made better for us and the planet. Getting the best out of windows and glass facades plays a key part in this.

Jon Doling
Supply Chain & Accounts

We believe that smart, connected systems and the Internet of Things will revolutionise how we design and use our buildings over the next few years.

Chad Pillar
Sales Manager

We believe that daylight is good for health and wellbeing. Views to the outside and connection with our environment make us happier and more productive.

Kate Pillar
Sales & Customer Support

We believe it is possible to simultaneously maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of sunlight through an automated shading system. Predictively and dynamically providing the optimum balance at all times.

Harry Doling
Sales & Customer Support

We have created idealite® to uniquely provide – as the name suggests – ideal light conditions, as well as some other bright ideas. Because we believe that, through practical application of cutting edge technology, better is possible.

Jon Cross
Production Supervisor

Inadequate shading from the sun can harm our health and wellness, and lead to solar heat gain in buildings. We believe this costs businesses in reduced staff productivity and increased energy usage for air conditioning.

Abigail Doling
Sales & Customer Support

More coming soon!


We are passionate about helping to create places to live and work that are both practical and a pleasure to be in.
We do this through innovative and reliable ways of managing daylight.


  • We will be a leading manufacturer of reliable and robust blind systems
  • We will continue to invest in developing creative and innovative products and solutions
  • We will challenge conventional thinking about window blinds and enlighten about dynamic automated shading
  • We will fulfil or exceed customers’ expectations at all times
  • We will be an employer of choice that people want to work for
  • We will be a valued contributor to our local community


We believe trust is the highest valued commodity in business. Our company ethos is underpinned by our corporate values:

  • Honesty – say what we do; do what we say
  • Integrity – be as good as we say we are
  • Loyalty – value trust more than anything
  • Obedience – do what we are told and do it on time

We build long term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. Many have been working with us for many years. This is an honour for which we are grateful.


We expanded into larger premises in January 2014 and continue to invest in our equipment and our people.

Customers and suppliers alike are always welcome to visit us. Simply Contact Us and we will be happy to arrange this.