Battery operated roller blinds and fully cassetted blinds

No wires?  No problem…

YOU can capitalise on these opportunities with Umbra’s NEW range of battery roller blinds…

Battery operated KuroLok zip edge blackout blinds
Battery operated roller blinds are becoming more and more popular as the need for motorisation and ease of use is increasing. There is greater demand than ever before for simplistic and user friendly controls across every environment.

Why should I choose battery operated blinds?

  • Battery motorised blinds can be easily retro fitted
  • No wiring or electrical installation required
  • Easy to charge up with a simple plug-in charging cable
  • Quiet, fast and smooth operation
  • Easy control via radio remote handset or wall switch
  • Can be linked to Somfy TaHoma and Conexoon home automation platforms to provide the ultimate end user control experience

You can now order any of the following systems with an integrated battery motor:

KuroLok fully cassetted zip edged blackout blind
Helios large roller blind
Sirios medium roller blind

Why not drop us a line, see if battery operation is the solution for your next motorised roller blind project?

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