Smart blinds. What are the options?

Smart blinds are no longer futuristic, smart is the buzz word of today.  The stats are here…

The UK smart home market was worth £900m in 2017, making it the second largest market in Europe, according to new research. *

And it’s not just smart homes or apartments.  Commercial projects are all about smart today too.    There are so many options, yet what are the real benefits of smart, or why should I consider incorporating smart blinds and devices in my project?  Here are some of the key reasons:


Intelligent blinds with hembar alignment

There are more options and connectable devices for smart than ever before.  Lighting and HVAC are obvious choices, surely blinds are part of this too, but they are not always thought of this way.

So, when you start to consider smart blinds, you may be wondering where to start… what are my options for smart blinds?  Who do I go to for smart blinds?  How can I incorporate smart blinds into my new workspace?  Are smart blinds really worthwhile?  Will smart blinds save me money?

When it comes to blinds that are smart or intelligent, there are plenty of options, the first question is what do you want your blinds to do?  Whether you want to just operate blinds from your smartphone or if you want blinds that are fully connected to your building management system and integrated with your heating and lighting controls… it’s all possible!

Here are some of the most common options for smart blinds:

–          Blinds with a sun sensor to automatically respond to light levels

–          Blinds operated from a smartphone

–          Blinds operated via voice command (Alexa)

–          Intelligent blinds connected into a building management system

–          Multiple blinds that stop in perfect alignment across a run of windows

–          Blinds that detect if you have left something on the window cill and stop to prevent damage

–          Blinds operated in conjunction with your other smart home devices to create your desired settings and scenes for various occasions and times of the day… relax and enjoy the ultimate ‘smart’ user experience

The list doesn’t end there, but that gives you a taste of what’s possible!

Automation and smart blinds

This might sound all a bit fanciful, but smart is real and practical.  Smart isn’t just modern and ‘Generation Y’.  It’s about creating more comfortable living and working spaces and equally importantly, saving you time and money.  How can smart blinds save me money you may ask?  One example… blinds are often left down and lights are left on when it isn’t necessary.  Blinds left down unnecessarily will minimise the valuable natural warmth and light from the sun.  So why not have blinds which will automatically respond to the light levels outside, close themselves away when they don’t need to block out the glare and better still, integrate the lights too so they turn off if there’s enough natural light coming into the room?   It’s all possible.

So, tell us your story.  What do you want your blinds to do?  Let’s talk through the options and work out the perfect smart blinds solution for you: | 0845 677 0020

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