For most companies, their staff represent their greatest asset and investment. For service providers, such as education or healthcare establishments, the people they serve are the reason they exist.

Looking after those people is therefore a key element in the design and management of buildings and facilities.

But another important factor is to be responsible for our impact on the environment and the legacy we leave future generations.

This is a big subject and there are many elements to sustainable building design. At Umbra Shading we have set ourselves to become experts in just one important element: control & management of natural light, solar glare & heat gain via intelligent window shading systems.

Umbra partners with leading suppliers across the globe and with reputable installers and contractors across the UK and beyond. To this we add our own innovative flair, long experience and manufacturing capability, to deliver truly bespoke window blind projects that offer real return on investment.

Umbra Make It Safe brochure

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